Thursday, June 11, 2015

Disney's Planes - Movie Night

We try to do movie night here every Thursday. Most of the time, we just order a pizza (or make English muffin pizzas), take early baths, then make popcorn and pop in a movie. Most weeks we just have popcorn and make a special treat like cupcakes or cookies. Sometimes (when mom plans ahead) we make treats that go with the movie theme and when we REALLY get into it and have time, we do a craft.

Tonight we watched Disney's Planes.

While the girls napped, this guy helped me prep one of tonight's movie treats.

We made these cute little cloud and sky treats with jello and whipped cream.

Boil 2 cups of water.

"It's boiling, Mom!"

 Mix in two packets of blue jello

Stir in 2ish cups of ice cubes.

Then pop the jello in the fridge to thicken (ours took about 15 minutes). Once we started pouring it into our cups, we realized it still was too watery and mixed a little with our whipped cream. Next time around we may even leave it in as long as 20 or 25 minutes.

While the jello thickened, we made the whipped cream.

We put 1 cup of heavy cream into the mixer and mixed until it started to thicken.

Add 1/8 cup sugar and mix until very stiff.

 The taste test...

I found these little plastic cups in Target's Dollar Spot. Thanks Target, you never disappoint!

 We poured a little of the blue jello into the bottom of each cup.

Then smashed some whipped cream onto the sides in different areas to create the clouds.

Not as pretty as some of the others that I've seen, but the kids loved them!

We also made little planes out of wafer cookies and white chocolate.

Tonight, instead of ordering pizza, we made our own English muffin pizzas. The kids LOVE to do this and they usually are more likely to eat if they helped make them.


  1. Love these ideas! I may have to try them out with Kylie! Random question... where did you get the calendar you have hanging on the wall by their table? I've been looking for a simple one like that for Kylie's play area...

    1. Hi Natalie, thank you! The calendar is from a teacher supply store. :) There are two near us, but I'm sure you have one up near you!